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postheadericon Club FBS Launched

We have officially launched Club FBS this provides access to members only content for monthly contributions of $5.00 click on the link above for more information.

postheadericon Coming Soon Club FBS

FBS Radio is pleased to announce that we will be launching our vary own club soon. What is Club FBS you ask? It is a club you get to join by contributing $5.00 a month to FBS Radio. This donation go to help pay for hosting, licensing, streaming, and music.

By being a Club FBS Member you get access to the following

  • A members only site
  • A members only forum
  • A address
  • Updates before they become available to the public
  • Members only contests
  • And more

We appreciate all our listeners and thank everyone for listening. We are going to be launching a forum for everyone shortly.  We will keep you updated on the launch of Club FBS.

But as always you DO NOT have to donate to listen but they do help. I am working to be able to get on the air more and share my love of country.   But stay tuned for Club FBS.

postheadericon New URL launched

We have officially launched the new URL if you notice above you are no longer at the you are now at the new address please update book marks and such so you come to the new address. We will leave the redirection on for a while.

Let us know what what you think.

postheadericon Request System Is Officially Live

Well after weeks of working on it getting it working and right it is finally live. We have got the request system live. You can click the link on the side bar under links.

But so there are no surprises and it states this in the request system here are somethings to think about.

1. Due to DMCA and licensing we are required to delay requests, they maybe delayed up to 60 minutes.
2. Artists cannot be played more than a couple times in a row so if you see request failed see why, it will give you a reason such as artist recently played.
3. Due to automated scripts and other people out there doing things wrongs and messing it up for everyone else we have limited the number of request you can make in a certain period of time and during the day.
4. Other restriction maybe imposed if we are required to, to make sure we are fully within the licensing requirement.

But take a look at it, let us know what you think.


postheadericon Request system almost live

We apologize some unexpected issues came up and we are currently working it out.


We are working on the request system now. We almost have it completed working out a few glitches and making sure it works hows it supposed to. It should be live in a few hours fingers crossed.