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postheadericon Closed

We are sorry to announce that as of 2/28/14 FBS Radio has closed. We hope that we maybe able to come back on the air sometime and will keep you informed as to that. If you want to sign up for our new email list you can click the link.

postheadericon Station Shutting Down

FBS Radio Listeners,

It is with great disappointment that I have to report that the music on FBS Radio will cease on February 28, 2014 in the morning. Over the last 2 years Jonathan has been funding the station completely out of pocket. The station costs are in total right now over $70 a month.

The licensing provider we are using now is unfortunately going out of business and we are unable to find a provider that we like or are able to afford. We have purposely not begged for or gone after donations actively. We do not what to join the big long list of people begging for money. Whether that was a smart choice or not I guess we will never know but I also stand behind it.

So I hope that you enjoyed the music and want to thank everyone who listened and as they say in Amateur (Ham) radio 73’s.

postheadericon Late Update on Richard Lynch Interview

We had a great interview with Richard Lynch, we hope you enjoyed listening to it, we want to congratulate our winner Tillie she was the winner of the CD. Thank you again to Richard Lynch for taking the time to join us.