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Welcome to our page about Club FBS. Club FBS is a club that is joined by giving monthly donations of $10.00. This donation helps keep this service going it helps pay for streaming, licensing, and hosting. Your donations are very much appreciated and can earn you a mention on air. By becoming a FBS Club member you get the following

  1. Access members only site
  2. A email address 1GB
  3. Updates before they are available to the general public.
  4. Members only contests
  5. And more

Members are an important part of this station. We respect all our listeners and want everyone to enjoy our station. Without our listeners we would not have a station. So please do not think that we are trying to say that members are more important than everyone else. To us all listeners are equal. We are just giving some perks to those who help support the station.

If you do not want to give us a monthly contribution, you can click the contribution link under contact us and give a one time donation.

Also look at the gold membership.

Are you ready to sign up? Already a member and trying to login?