postheadericon Independent Artists

We believe in independent artists and understand how hard it can be sometimes to get radio time. We fully support you and play many independent artists on our station now. If you would like us to add your music to our line up please do the following

Send us an email to music at telling us about you. If you would like to include a song as a sample or a snippet of a song we would welcome it. If its a snippet please include enough so we can get the taste of how the music sounds. If we like what we hear we will respond to your email giving you the information you need to get your CD to us or if you want to submit it digitally we will give you the go ahead. Please do not submit full albums until we give a go ahead.

Please read the following so there is no confusion later.

FBS Radio fully support Independent Artists and likes giving them air time. But unfortunately FBS Radio cannot buy cd’s or downloads from all artists. If after you send the email we want to play your music you can send it to us by CD and we will give you the address or you can send it in an email digitally as just make sure all tagging is done properly for royalty reporting purposes. We are licensed through LoudCity who does take care of royalties for us.

If you release another album we would like to hear about it. So when you release any additional albums let us know so we can start to get that music on the air for you as well. If you have any question please use the same email above.